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On-the-Job Train-the-Trainer

For those who are looking for skill development in creating and delivering structured on-the-job training sessions, we have On-the-Job Train-the-Trainer.  This workshop will give your employees new skills that are immediately transferable to the workplace such as coaching and communication techniques.  With your input, the workshop can be enhanced to best fit your unique work environment.

Becoming a Master Instructor

This is your opportunity to participate in the Becoming a Master Instructor (BMI) program that all NAIT instructors complete as a condition of employment with our institute. This train-the-trainer session has been delivered all over the world!  Participants fine tune their skills during practice-teaching sessions and ultimately hone those skills during their own subsequent teaching experiences.

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On-the-Job Train-the-Trainer

NAIT's On-the-Job Train-the-Trainer course will teach you how to develop and deliver structured training sessions for your organization. Learn best practices for teaching adults and gain communication and coaching skills.

CITC825 - On-the-Job Train-the-Trainer

Delivery Options: Day, Online Hours: 14 Fees: $425

Learn how to develop and deliver structured on-the-job training sessions in your organization.

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Becoming a Master Instructor

The objective of the Becoming a Master Instructor (BMI) program is to assist participants in developing a teaching practice. Participants build their presentation skills and confidence in the classroom. There will be an opportunity for participants to interact professionally with other instructional colleagues.

Part-time Courses:

EDUC700 - BMI Essentials

Delivery Options: Online Hours: 12 Fees: $240

Designed for instructors, this course serves as an introduction to teaching and learning at NAIT.

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EDUC810 - Learner Centered Instructional Practices

Hours: 25 Fees: $TBD

This course is the first of the Becoming a Master Instructor (BMI) Program.

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EDUC815 - Facilitation of the Inclusive Learning Environment

Delivery Options: Day, Evening, Weekend, Online Hours: 18 Fees: $433

This is the second course of the Becoming a Master Instructor (BMI) Program.

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EDUC820 - Professional Teaching Responsibilities

Delivery Options: Day, Evening, Weekend, Online Hours: 16 Fees: $425

Participants gain insight into behaviors that build trust in the classroom, strategies that can be used to set a tone conducive to learning and building students' responsibility for their own...

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Full-time Courses:

Become a Master Instructor

Credential:Certificate Achievement Delivery Options:On-Campus Day, On-Campus Evening/Weekend, Online Day

Connect with your audience and provide instruction that resonates and meets defined objectives.

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What to Expect

By taking the On-the-Job Train-the-Trainer or Becoming a Master Instructor course, we will pass teaching expertise on to you and your staff.  In addition, we can teach you how to develop your own quality course materials. 

Working with your Corporate and International Training Account Manager, we can familiarize you with NAIT’s training excellence options.  Delivery is flexible and we will work to meet your needs when it is most convenient for you!

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Business Training


Sarah Stevenson Tweddle

Account Manager 

Sarah is the Account Manager for:

  • Business, Leadership, and Professional Development
  • IT and Computer Training
  • Teaching and Training Excellence
  • Disaster and Emergency Management
  • Health
  • Hospitality

She graduated from NAIT in 2004 and, as an advocate of lifelong learning, has continued with her education ever since; completing the Project Management and the Becoming a Master Instructor certificate programs.

As an Account Manager, Sarah will serve as the primary contact between NAIT and your business and will work together with you to determine your training needs. 


Corporate and International Training

Phone: 780.378.5044
Email: CITtraining@nait.ca 

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Canadian businesses can get up to 65% of employee training costs covered through the Canada Job Grant. The grant is available to businesses in all sectors.

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