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World Class Trades and Applied Technologies Training

NAIT  Industry Solutions  has partnerships with hundreds of organizations to deliver world-class trades training for businesses to enhance employees’ skills or to bridge gaps in employee skill sets.

Each of our training programs are developed through a combination of academic and industry experience and supported by NAIT's School of Skilled Trades and School of Applied Science and Technology.

  • Meet your organization's training needs by tapping into NAIT's courses, certificates and teaching resources.
  • Skill refresher courses and custom programs available for multiple trades.
  •  Instruction on how to  use and maintain special equipment.
  • Study industry regulations, safety and code updates.
  • Work towards building the skills employees need for company success.

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Areas of Training

Combine and customize our courses and certificate programs to meet your organizational need

Work with a NAIT Trades and Applied Technologies Portfolio Manager to create a customized trades training program. Utilize NAIT’s existing Continuing Education courses and certificates to build training suited to your organization’s requirements. If training does not exist to meet your need, NAIT’s curriculum development resources can be leveraged to create the required programming.

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Construction Training

NAIT’s Construction trades training will ensure your organization is ready for your next major project. Leverage NAIT’s existing programs and certificates to meet your training needs.   Find out more

Project Management for Trades

NAIT offers a Project Management certificate program to help executives learn the nuances of initiating, planning, executing, and monitoring projects in order to achieve specific business outcomes.   Find out more

Mechanical and Engineering

NAIT Industry Solutions will work with your organization to build mechanical and engineering training based on our existing trades programs and exceptional teaching resources.   Find out more

Oil and Gas Trades Training

NAIT Industry Solutions will work with your organization to build oil and gas training based on our existing programs and extensive educational resources.   Find out more

NAIT’s corporate trades training services offer relevant knowledge, credible experience, and real skills to your organization’s workforce. Our hands-on, technology-based teaching and experience results in highly trained staff capable of meeting your business needs. Combine and customize our certificate programs to build a unique training program specifically for your organization.

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We will develop a solution to meet the unique demands of your organization.

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Canada Job Grant

Canadian businesses can get up to 65% of employee training costs covered through the Canada Job Grant. The grant is available to businesses in all sectors.

Business, Leadership, and Professional Development

NAIT Corporate and International Training offers a wide range of workforce training for all staff, from front-line employees to the most seasoned manager.

Programs & Courses

Explore our continuing education part-time courses and discover our hands-on advantage: essential education geared to life-long learning and professional development.

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With access to dozens of specialized programs, we will develop a training program to meet the unique demands of your organization.