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Migration Resources Course Provisioning - 2024/25 Course Offering Information

If you require technical support in Brightspace: 

  • Automated and Live Chat-Support: Accessible via the Chat icon in lower-right corner of Brightspace   
  • Live Phone-Support: 1-877-325-7778   
  • Email Support: Accessible via the Chat icon in lower-right corner of Brightspace.  


The following tutorials have been curated and created to help you make the most of Brightspace. These cover a range of topics, from setting up your courses to leveraging advanced features for a more engaging teaching experience. Whether you're new to the system or looking to expand your knowledge, our tutorials are here to guide you through each step, ensuring that you can navigate the transition to Brightspace with confidence.

Brightspace Community 
The worldwide Brightspace Community is a place to find tutorials or ask questions of other Brightspace users.

Brightspace Guided Training
This training series will help instructors learn Brightspace at their own pace. It’s designed for anyone building, teaching, or facilitating courses within Brightspace.

You will need to create a Brightspace Community login to access this training.

Instructor Tutorial Videos ▶ (Video)
This is a series of Brightspace how-to videos on a range of topics. Many videos from this playlist are organized below and are under three minutes long.

Click on the following headings to view by topic:

Getting Started





Student Engagement


Here, you'll find answers to common questions related to the LMS transition and using Brightspace effectively. We've compiled this resource to provide quick solutions to common questions, ensuring that your transition to the new platform is as seamless as possible.


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