Your Source for Mining Industry Solutions

At NAIT we are your source and partner for mining industry solutions.

From direct partnerships in product research and development to corporate and community training, we have the capability to solve the problems that your industry faces through our multi faceted divisions.

Meet Your Applied Research Providers

Centre for Boreal Research

We work with industry and communities to support best management practices and reclamation of the boreal forest.   Find out more

Reclaim and remediate your sites

The CBR and it's Plant and Seed Technology Access Centre work with Mining and Forestry Industries to support best management practices for:

  • forest reclamation and management
  • wetland restoration
  • native plant and seed harvesting/propagation 
  • tailings site remediation
Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to a future where the environmental and economic challenges of the oil sands have been solved.   Find out more

Optimize your mining outputs

At CEES we are committed to solving the environmental and economic challenges of the mining industry. We provide expertise and research into:

Clean Technologies Team

The Clean Technologies Team works with partners, focuses on adopting circular economy principles, and develops new practices and technologies to attain environmental and economic sustainability.   Find out more

Reduce your environmental impact

The CTT is a multi-disciplinary research team driven to find ways to transform industrial waste streams into value-added products that help businesses and communities maximize their cost efficiency while minimizing their environmental impact. We offer expertise in:

  • site remediation
  • tailings management
  • plastics circularity to drive a cleaner future for the mining industry
Centre for Sensors and System Integration

The Centre for Sensors and System provides industry with prototyping, product enhancement, testing, and characterization services related to sensors and system integration.   Find out more

Integrate, Automate, Validate

CSSI can assist in you technological development and enhancement can be massively improved by validating 5G technologies and applications before implementing them in-situ or bringing them to market. Our expertise includes:

Centre for Data Management and Visualization

We are focused on helping industry partners develop the innovative software tools and content they require to transform their operations.   Find out more

See your data like you've never experienced it

The CDMV is key to unlocking the full potential of your data. When you partner with us, you get access to our: 

  • data visualization laboratory - Observe the full breadth of your operations and sites overlaid with data including wildlife habitat, traditional Indigenous lands, or reclamation progress.

  • motion capture studio - Revolutionize the way you deliver training . We can create digital simulations that gamify your staff's tasks and operations  so they can learn safely, before hitting the field.

Centre for Grid Innovation

The Centre for Grid Innovation supports Alberta’s energy transition to an electrified and renewable electricity grid of the future.   Find out more

Transition to a renewable and electrified grid 

The CGI facilitates the development of new energy production and storage developments on your site through our fully isolated microgrid lab. This residential-scale electrical system allows for a plug-and-play interface to test new energy production and battery technologies with programmable load banks, microgrid controllers, and plug stations.

If your sites rely on diesel power generation, we can help integrate renewable methods such as solar or wind generation to localize your electricity generation.

Centre for Culinary Innovation

We have expertise in new food and beverage product development that combines culinary creativity with food science principles to create foods that taste amazing at the bench top level.   Find out more

Fuel your crew as well as your operations

Your people are critical to the success of your mining operations, and the CCI is on a mission to provide the most nutritious and delicious food products to keep them going.

Our food scientists and their research kitchen and will work with food service providers to develop recipes, introduce delicious plant-based options to the menu, and find more efficient and cost-effective ways to keep your clients or staff fed.

Meet Your Educational Providers

Corporate Training

NAIT Corporate Training is your partner in delivering high-quality, industry-recognized workforce training.   Find out more

We provide corporate and continuing education solutions that are industry validated from a polytechnic that is recognized around the globe. With 1000+ available courses and endless customization , our team is ready to help you and your organization take the next step with our industry aligned portfolios:

  • business and productivity 
  • digital literacy and IT Training 
  • energy and environment 
  • foundational learning 
  • health & life sciences 
  • international partnerships & engagement 
  • trades and advanced manufacturing 
Indigenous Partnerships & Engagement

Access to education can be difficult for communities. Since 1999, NAIT has delivered its world-class programs to First Nations, Metis and Inuit students throughout Canada.   Find out more

NAIT’s Aboriginal Partnerships & Engagement team provides our Indigenous Community Partners to in-demand training and work-integrated learning opportunities, as well as direct applied research services and training programs.

We focus on forming strong relationships with Indigenous Communities to provide both on-campus and in-community training based on their needs and goals.

Through our relationships, we are able to make the connections between industry partners and companies that create valuable and meaningful employment and economic opportunities