NAIT Authorized Agents

As a NAIT Authorized Agent, you provide key information, advising and support to applicants and their families. We thank you for all of your continued efforts and are thrilled to have you as part of our NAIT Community.

Please consider this website your centralized data source and take the time to fully understand it. The expectation is that you will review this website before contacting us to support your ongoing training. If there is anything that we can add to this site to make it more valuable for your company, please send us an email.

Thank you for all that you do; we truly value your hard work and excellent student service!

Performance review & training

Use this site to help during the student advising period, as well as during the application process and when reviewing the MyNAIT Portal. We have designed it to anticipate any questions that you might have.

NAIT Authorized Agents are expected to thoroughly understand our application processes. If you or anyone in your company would like a customized training session, please send us an email with a request for NAIT Agent Training.

NAIT conducts a performance review of your company each year. We consider both qualitative and quantitative data. Please ensure that you contact us if you have any concerns.

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