After Your Student Applies

Credit Students

  1. Fill out Confirmation of a Recruiter Student Form with student and scan a copy of their passport.
  2. Rename the completed Confirmation of a Recruited Student form using this format: ID#_CNFM_FOIP (Example: 200312345_CNFM_FOIP).
  3. Upload the Confirmation of a Recruited Student form to the applicant's MyNAIT Portal within 15 business days of the application date with the naming format indicated above (200312345_CNFM_FOIP).
  4. Stamp (company stamp),the fist page of each document. The stamp must match the one that you submitted to us and is on our record. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.
  5. Upload (scan) the documents to the applicant's MyNAIT Portal. If you are delivering the documents to NAIT in-person, please visit Student Services Centre in room: CAT 180 . You will need to have the student's portal information in order to complete this task.
  6. Verify the correct and complete address in the student portal. It's important the address is complete and correct prior to issuing LOA.
  7. Check the MyNAIT Portal and email inbox frequently to receive admissions updates. Refer to the Glossary of NAIT Terms - MyNAIT to ensure that you understand what the application status means.

MyNAIT Portal & Email

  • Ensure that your applicants use their personal email address when they create their MyNAIT Portal.
  • If you set up their portal using your company's email address, advise the student to change the email address to their personal one.
  • All updates will be communicated via MyNAIT Portal or registered email. It is important to monitor them weekly to prevent any processing delays or cancellations.
  • To To print a receipt:

    PayMyTuition can provide you with a transaction receipt via the download button on the pending or delivered payments sections of your "Payments Center" dashboard. The transaction receipt serves as the proof of payment to your institution.

Before an admission decision has been made

  • If no confirmation email has been received, after the application submission (allow 3 business days), check the application to ensure that you added the correct email for the applicant.
  • If not, send an email to ITS at with the applicant's details.
  • To check if the Confirmation of a Recruited Student form was uploaded successfully, login to the MyNAIT Portal and check that it appears under the applicant's documents.
  • If not, upload it again.
  • If an application is cancelled, the applicant will need to request a re-activation, by completing the form:

After an admission decision has been made

  • If the applicant does not meet the program's requirements
  • They can submit a new set of transcripts for assessment. Continue to check the MyNAIT Portal for updates.
  • Please visit the definitions page on this website for further clarification of waitlists/non-competitive applicants.
  • Review the NAIT program page to see if they applicant qualifies for other programs, including academic upgrading (for academic courses) or English as a second language (to improve English skills)
  • If the applicant has been offered admission into a program,
  • Check the study permit processing times for their region If there is enough time for the applicant to receive a study permit, proceed with the next step. If there is not enough time for the applicant to receive a study permit, read the deferrals and refunds policies.
  • Pay the non-refundable tuition deposit within 30 days of receiving their initial LOA (a LOA will be sent to the email that was used on the application) this payment will confirm the applicant's seat at NAIT.
  • If the deposit is not paid within 30 days, the student's application will be cancelled.
  • Here are the payment options
  • If the applicant has been offered conditional acceptance, they will need to read the MyNAIT portal and submit any documents that are missing by the deadline informed on their MyNAIT Portal.
  • If the applicant does not upload the documents by the dates listed, their application will be cancelled.
  • Review the LOA carefully; This document contains essential information. It will be utilized for a Student Visa application, and it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information on the Visa Letter of Acceptance. If there is an incorrect information, send an email to
  • If the applicant has been offered admission to their second choice program and paid their deposit, and then is offered admission to their first choice progra, they may confirm their attendance to the first choice program by paying another, non-refundable tuition deposit for the first choice program.
  • The additional  tuition deposit for the irst choice program is required, even if the applicant has made an over payment or has a credit on their NAIT account.
  • The inital tuition deposit from the second choice program will be transferred to the first choice program and applied (as a credit) to the remainder of their tuition fees. Any prior offer of admission (to the second choice) will be nullified.
  • Students who have had their application cancelled for failing to submit requirements or paying their tuition deposit can re-open their application for the same program and intake. Refer to the Re-open Applicaiton Form criteria for more details.
  • Students whose applications are denied reactivation, are required to re-apply to the next term

Study Permit

  • Refer to Study Permits and Immigration Canada conprehensive details.
  • Students who has paid their tuition deposit will receive a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) to apply for a study permit.
  • Please note that Academic Upgrading students will not receive a PAL

Enrolment in Classes

  • Students are required to enrol in their classes through their MyNAIT Portal by the enrolment deadline.
  • Students who do not enrol before the deadline will have their applications cancelled. For help with enrolment, please email the program directly. You can find each program's email on their webpage. 
  • Academic Upgrading students will receive an email from the program, instructing them on how to enroll
  • Online enrolment is not available for academic upgrading students.

Services for New International Students

Important Documents (CREDIT)

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