Before Your Student Applies

Credit Students

It is your responsibility to ensure that students are applying for programs which they are passionate about and for which they are qualified.

1. Ask the student to provide you with their study plans in Canada.

2. Review the NAIT website to see which programs are offered and when they are start each year.

Programs which do not accept international students will not close in the application system, so please advise your teams and choose programs carefully. 

Group 1: Any program that is ineligible for a study permit will be closed to international students and they will not be permitted to apply. This primarily impacts programs that have a co-op placement or internship that totals more than 50%. To date this includes the following:  

  • Medical Radiologic Tech - diploma 
  • Magnetic Resonance - diploma 
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging -certificate 
  • Optical Sciences - Contact Lenses  
  • Optical Sciences -Eyeglasses 

Group 2: Some programs are eligible for a study permit, but ineligible for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP), due to either the program’s duration (e.g. less than 8 months) or instructional modality (e.g. primarily online). We know that the PGWP is an important goal for many international students. We also know that some international students have no intention of working in Canada after graduation and are purely interested in acquiring the credential. 

Starting Friday, Oct. 1, 2021 we will change the practice to admit international students by special permission – applicants must meet (virtually) with an academic advisor after they apply, to be admitted into programs that do not allow eligibility for a PGWP. This includes: 

  • Disaster and Emergency Management  
  • Personal Fitness Trainer (winter and spring)  
  • Professional Meat-cutting 
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant 
  • Pre-Employment Auto Service Technician 
  • Pre-Employment Auto Body Repair 
  • Architectural Technology – Structured Part-Time  
  • Animal Health Technology – Structured Part-time 
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant – Structured part-time 
  • Captioning and Court reporting (winter intake) 

3. Check the Program Availability Page for International Students to see if there are seats available in their program.

  • This information is updated once per week. If you would like to know real-time information for a specific program, please email our team.

4. Review the program structure, employment outcomes and course offerings with the student.

5. Review the entrance requirements on the program’s web page, click ‘how to apply’ and scroll to the ‘entrance requirements’

6. Review NAIT’s program fees and tuition amounts and review NAIT’s refund policy.

7. Complete the Confirmation of a Recruited Student form (pdf) and save a copy of the form.

  • Take a color copy of the applicant's passport (this is page 3 of the confirmation form)

8. Make color copies of the student’s transcripts—stamp, sign and date them. Scan and save the copies you stamped.

9. Review the student's English Language Proficiency document (i.e., TOEFL exam) to ensure they meet the program's requirement.

  • take a color copy, stamp, sign and date it. Scan and save the copies you stamped.

Open Studies

Open Studies may be an option for students who are already in Edmonton, and hold a valid study permit, but who have not yet been accepted into their program of choice.

  • All students who are interested in taking Open Studies classes must meet with an academic advisor in-person.  They are located in the Student Services Centre (Room CAT 180).

  • Students must self-declare meet NAIT’s English language proficiency requirements in order to enroll in open studies classes. Students are required to provide proof of proficiency upon demand.

  • Students must enroll and pay for open studies classes before a letter of acceptance will be issued. Students must meet with our advisors on campus to receive a letter of acceptance for open studies.

  • Completing Open Studies classes does not guarantee admission into their program. Students must still apply, meet the entrance requirements (including English language proficiency), and be admitted.

  • Students are not guaranteed seats in any Open Studies classes.

  • Review the Open Studies enrolment start-dates.

  • Students should not come to Canada as visitors to enter Open Studies and apply for a study permit.

  • Each semester, NAIT will report each student’s status to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), as part of a mandatory compliance report. It is the student’s responsibility to follow IRCC rules and regulations.

  • Student referrals into Open Studies are not eligible for commission payments as per the NAIT Student Recruitment Authorized Representative Agreement (Article 2).

Important Documents (CREDIT)

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