Before Your Student Applies

Credit Students

It is your responsibility to ensure that students are applying for programs which they are passionate about and for which they are qualified.

1. Ask the student to provide you with their study plans in Canada.

2. Review the NAIT website to see which programs are offered and when they are start each year.

3. Check the Program Availability Page for International Students to see if there are seats available in their program and if they have the immigration status to apply for the program.

  • This information is updated once per week.

  • If the program availability status is "Limited", the program is only available to students who already have a valid study permit. Applicants will need to indicate this on their NAIT online application to have access to apply to the program..

4. Review the program structure, employment outcomes and course offerings with the student.

5. Review the entrance requirements on the program’s web page, click ‘how to apply’ and scroll to the ‘entrance requirements’

6. Review NAIT’s program fees and tuition amounts and review NAIT’s refund policy.

7. Complete the Confirmation of a Recruited Student form (pdf) and save a copy of the form.

  • Ensure to include a full copy of the applicant's passport (this is page 2 of the confirmation form)

8. Make copies of the student’s transcripts—stamp the first page of each document. Scan and save the copies you stamped.

9. Review the student's English Language Proficiency document (i.e., TOEFL exam) to ensure they meet the program's requirement.

  • take a color copy, stamp, sign and date it. Scan and save the copies you stamped.


Important Documents (CREDIT)

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