How to Apply

Credit Students

All applications to NAIT Credit programs are submitted through Apply Alberta, the Alberta Post-secondary Application System (APAS).

Visit Apply Alberta

Please Note: NAIT processes applications based on the first choice that the applicant selects. Ensure that the application is correct.

Tips for completing the application process

  • At the ‘Alberta Student Number’ screen, click ‘Yes’ if
    • you know the student's Alberta student number (this would be generated if they had submitted a previous application to NAIT) OR
    • the student has attended any school or post-secondary institute in Alberta or Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
    • Otherwise, click ‘No’
    • If you clicked ‘Yes’, the system will attempt to locate the existing Alberta Student Number, and may request additional information to do so. Click ‘Edit Profile and Restart’ if you made an error when entering your student's personal information; this will return you to an earlier stage in the application process. Click ‘Continue’ when the system locates the Alberta student number.
  • When entering the student's country of citizenship, be sure to use the student's passport-issuing country. If you do not select Canada, you will be asked to provide some additional information to determine your residency status.
  • If you enter you student's high school grades, please note that NAIT will still review their official transcripts to determine their actual grades in the document assessment.
  • When selecting the term and program the student would like to apply for, please also select a second choice if applicable as NAIT cannot add a second-choice application after the fact.

After completing the application process

  1. Review the application fee. Please note that this fee is non-refundable & non-transferable and does not guarantee admission to NAIT. Click ‘process payment and submit application’ to proceed.
  2. The application fee must be paid by credit card. Enter the credit card details and click ‘Process Transaction’ to complete your application.
  3. NAIT will receive the application and provide a confirmation email within three (3) business days. The confirmation email will include the NAIT student ID number. Use that number to access the MyNAIT Portal on the NAIT website, where you can review the current status of your student's application.

Important Documents (CREDIT)

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