Black History Month

  • Feb. 01, 2021 – Feb. 28, 2021
  • 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Virtual Event

February is Black History month. Join us virtually, with a series of online events and stories, as we create a space to reflect, recognize and celebrate Black History in Canada. Welcome to all  NAIT staff and students only; registration may be required.


A Time to Learn and Embrace  I  Event Speaker: Ahmed Ali, known as Knowmadic

February 8 I 12:00PM - 1:15PM 

Come and join us to learn:
• Why do we need to recognize and celebrate Black history in Canada, and how do we do this?
• What are the barriers our Black community face?
• How can we foster allyship in our community?

About Ahmed Ali Knowmadic:
Award-winning Poet Laureate Ahmed Ali, better known as Knowmadic, is a multi disciplinary artist, community organizer, public speaker, musician and youth worker who has dedicated his time to enabling and empowering diverse communities around the world. Ahmed's poetry has been featured in anthologies in North America and is taught in schools across Canada. He is passionate about the arts, education and emphasizes the importance of equitable representation on all levels of government.

Organized by the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

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Black Facts Trivia

February  9 I  6:00PM -  7:15PM

Join us for a fun, interactive game of trivia as we celebrate the Black community! Test your knowledge, pique your curiosity, and engage in enlightening conversations while winning awesome prizes. 

Organized by NAITSA.

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Well-Being of the Black Community I Event Speaker: Noreen Sibanda

February 11 I  4:00PM -  5:30PM

A Black History Month Speaker event presented by the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Counselling Services, and the International Centre at NAIT. 

This workshop aims to raise awareness of mental health well-being and stigma amongst the Black community. During this workshop, we are going to:

• Explore the intersectionality of mental health (experience) in the racialized community 
• Discuss the experiences of living in two cultures and the impacts on mental wellness 
• Normalize the experiences of accessing supports and share resources for accessing mental health support

About the Speaker:

Noreen Sibanda was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Canada, where she has spent the last decade working in the community supporting refugee and immigrant families. Her notable work includes working on youth research projects with the University of Alberta, coordinating summer youth programs and more recently focusing on bringing awareness to mental health. Her passion to destigmatize and increase access to mental health services has led her to work within schools and in a community-based organization offering counselling services at a sliding scale to eliminate barriers. Noreen holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and is a practising Registered Provisional Psychologist in Edmonton. She is also the founder and Executive Director of the Alberta Black Therapist Network (ABTN, – a network of Black licensed and regulated professionals from various interdisciplinary backgrounds working in the field of mental health and addictions. The network was formed out of need – in response to the health inequalities, in particular in mental health experienced by black Canadians, the ABTN understands that it will take anti-black racism, anti-oppressive and systematic changes to improve the mental well-being for Black Canadians.

This event is open to all NAIT students and staff who:
• Self identifies as a member of the Black community 
• Is a friend or related to members of the Black community and wants to provide support
• Wants to increase their knowledge about mental health concerns experienced by the Black community

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In the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Speaker Series, we will be hosting different sessions throughout the year for both staff and students. These sessions aim to strengthen a supportive, sustainable and compassionate community at NAIT, motivate participants to reflect on their individual experience and perspectives, and facilitate more equitable and inclusive environments at NAIT. ​

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