Ho! Ho! Ho! NAIT presents ‘The 12 story ideas of Christmas’

Published on December 05, 2016

The elves at NAIT have come up with 12 seasonal story suggestions and experts for you

EDMONTON – Are your Christmas and year-end story ideas getting a frosty reception? The elves at NAIT have come up with 12 seasonal story suggestions and experts for you. Whether it’s tips on proper behavior during office Christmas parties, festive cocktail ideas or making realistic New Year’s resolutions, “yule” find value in the insights our experts provide.

1. Picking the perfect tree for Christmas
Marko van Streun with NAIT’s Forest Technology program offers advice on what to look for when selecting a Christmas tree. He can also provide tips on how to maintain that tree during the festive season, and dispose of it once the holidays are over. Marko can be reached at 780.491.3075 or via email at markov@nait.ca. Marko will be available after Dec. 3.

2. The art of schmoozing during holiday corporate parties
It’s that time of year again for office Christmas parties and corporate functions. What is acceptable behavior at these annual events? Keven McGhan, a sales management instructor in NAIT’s JR School of Business, has the answers. An expert in the art of schmoozing, he offers valuable tips on networking and business etiquette. Keven can be reached at 780.471.7870 or via email at kevenm@nait.ca.

3. First Canadian Christmas
Hundreds of NAIT international students will celebrate their first Canadian Christmas. These students are available to talk about the experience and cultural differences. Interviews can be arranged by Freya Fu, international engagement coordinator at NAIT. Freya can be reached at 780.491.5494 or freyaf@nait.ca.

4. Restaurant etiquette: the dos and don’ts
Whether at the office Christmas party or celebrating with family and friends, dining out is a part of the holiday season. What is proper restaurant etiquette? Is 15 per cent still the standard for tips? How can you make life easier for your waiter? Susan Lauder – an instructor in the Hospitality Management program - has these answers and more. For example, she suggests not stacking your plates when you’re done eating (waiters prefer to do this themselves). Susan can be reached at 780.491.1397 or susanl@nait.ca.

5. 12 cocktail ideas of Christmas
Want to know how to make 12 creative cocktails your Christmas party guests will remember? Mitch McCaskill, maitre’D at Ernest’s (NAIT’s fine-dining restaurant), can show you 12 creative cocktail ideas that will put “the festive” into your festive parties. Mitch can be reached at 780.934.6016 or via email at mitchm@nait.ca.

6. How to safely prepare that perfect holiday turkey
Did you know you should never wash a turkey prior to cooking it? Or that it’s dangerous to stuff your bird? Daniel Brasileiro, with NAIT’s Culinary Arts program, has expert tips for how to safely prepare a turkey – including some tips that may surprise you. Daniel can be reached at 780.491.3050 or dbrasileiro@nait.ca.

7. Eating healthy over the holidays
Turkey with gravy, baked goods and high-calorie egg nog are all holiday traditions. But those calories can add up quickly. NAIT’s registered dietitian, Nicholas Creelman, has tips on how to enjoy all Christmas has to offer while watching your waistline. Nicholas can be reached at 780.378.7136 or via email at nicholasc@nait.ca.

8. New Year’s resolutions: Small changes make a big difference
Every year many of us make New Year’s resolutions to lead healthier lives. We may vow to start running, lose weight or eat better. The problem is lifestyle changes like these can be difficult to achieve without a little practice. Start small, says Kate Andrews, an instructor with the Personal Fitness Trainer program. She has expert advice on how small activities and challenges can provide you with the tools necessary to make bigger lifestyle changes. Kate can be reached at 780.471.8716 or katea@nait.ca until Dec. 23. Randy Dreger, an instructor with the Personal Fitness Trainer program, can offer advice after Dec. 23 to Jan. 3, 2017. Randy can be reached at 780.491.3199.

9. Exercising outdoors in winter
More Canadians are running and cycling in winter. Dr. Ken Riess, an instructor in NAIT’s Personal Fitness Trainer program with a PhD in Rehabilitation Science, has pointers for continuing these activities safely in snow and ice conditions. Ken is also a certified clinical exercise physiologist. Ken can be reached at 780.491.3920 or kennethr@nait.ca

10. Learn to skate (and play hockey) at any age
What better way to beat the winter blues than to strap on a pair of skates and hit the ice. Deanna Martin, head coach of the Ooks women’s hockey team, along with her players, have tips on how to skate, become a better hockey player and be more confident on the ice. Their tips are applicable for any age. Under Deanna’s direction n, the Ooks women’s hockey team has won three consecutive provincial championships. Deanna can be reached at 780.471.855, 780.690.8904 or deannai@nait.ca.

11. What’s hot in video gaming?
Virtual reality headsets are the hottest craze when it comes to video gaming and there are a few options on store shelves: the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the Playstation VR. Teams of students and their instructors are ready to discuss and demonstrate this year’s hottest craze in video gaming. Steve Chattargoon, DMIT chair, can coordinate student availability. Please note students are only available until Dec. 16. Steve can be reached at 780.378.5363 or stevec@nait.ca.

12. Say cheese! Taking the best holiday photos and camera-buying tips.
Shaun Scade, an instructor in the Photographic Technology program, has valuable tips on how to take better photos this Christmas. He offers expert advice on selecting lenses, proper framing, choosing appropriate backgrounds and more. Shaun can also offer camera-buying tips. Shaun can be reached at 780.471.8567 or sscade@nait.ca.

Please note most experts are available only until Dec. 22, unless otherwise noted or other arrangements are made. NAIT is closed for the holidays from Dec. 23 to Jan 2.

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