Women of Steel™: Forging Forward Program Comes to Edmonton

Published on February 07, 2023

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and Women Building Futures are excited to announce that they will be one of 14 hosts across Canada for CWB Welding Foundation’s initiative: The Women of Steel™: Forging Forward Program. The program provides learning opportunities that foster education, personal growth, confidence, and experiential learning for women interested in exploring welding and other welding-related skilled trades careers.  

As more skilled tradespeople are looking to retire locally and across the country, the pending gap continues to grow, and opportunities for a career in the industry are countless. Welding, and welding fabrication provides a gateway to skilled trades and other related professions, and offers a well-paying, stable career choice with many options for women. 

“Partnering with Industry leaders like CWB provides options for our clients that help set them up for success,” says Carol Moen, CEO, Women Building Futures. “Our goal is to connect the right women with the right programs at the right time, and Women of Steel is a great opportunity to learn a trade that’s in high demand right now.”  

“NAIT is excited to be co-hosting this important initiative with Women Building Futures and CWB Welding Foundation,” says Chris Manning, department head of Manufacturing Fabrication and Maintenance at NAIT. “Careers in the skilled trades are rewarding and can open many fulfilling opportunities for those who pursue them. Skilled trades are also for everyone and we’re looking forward to spending 15 weeks with the students helping them build a solid foundation of the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in welding, welding-related industries and skilled trades.” 

This pre-employment program includes practical theory, hands-on welding training, and skills development in a safe and supportive environment, with a flexible schedule to balance responsibilities. Short training periods will be used to train the participants in several welding processes, with the ability to obtain multiple CWB welding qualifications in various positions with multiple processes making graduates ready for apprenticeship, post-secondary, and employment.  

The program is 15 weeks, running from May 1 to August 11. In-person training will be hosted at NAIT’s South Campus. Application deadline is March 5, 2023. 

To find out more and apply, go to: womenbuildingfutures.ca.  

About the CWB Welding Foundation 

The CWB Welding Foundation is a national registered charity that relies on the support of industry and community organizations to address the welding skilled trade shortage in Canada. Through education-based programs and initiatives, we continue to reduce barriers that affect key groups; elementary, secondary, and post-secondary students and educators, Indigenous People, women, and the underrepresented. We envision a future where all individuals are encouraged and provided the support needed to reach their true potential in a career in welding regardless of identity factors, social and financial status, and lived experiences including gender, age, ethnicity, language, literacy, culture, income, and geographical location. 

The Women of Steel™: Forging Forward project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Adult Learning Literacy and Essential Skills - Women Employment Readiness Program. 

The opinions and interpretations in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada. 

About NAIT 

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is a leading Canadian polytechnic, delivering education in science, technology and the environment; business; health and skilled trades. With over 34,000 credit and non-credit students and a 98 per cent employer satisfaction rate, NAIT grads help fuel the economic engine of the province. NAIT also contributes to Alberta's prosperity by helping businesses and communities become more competitive through industry-driven research and corporate training. Recognized as one of Alberta's top employers, NAIT provides outstanding returns on investment for its graduates, industry partners, the provincial government and the people of Alberta. Learn more at nait.ca.  

About Women Building Futures 

Women Building Futures (WBF) is a non-profit organization that offers programs and support services to help unemployed and underemployed women explore and connect to careers that pay above a living wage. Our employment training programs provide the introductory skills to begin a new career in areas where women have been historically underrepresented. Over the last two decades, WBF has supported thousands of women with the critical skills needed to enter the construction trades, driving and operating industries. Learn more at womenbuildingfutures.com 

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