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Honorary Degree

Candidates for an honorary degree are exceptional individuals that have made significant contributions and accomplishments locally, nationally or internationally. The award honours excellence in three primary areas:

  1. Support of NAIT’s vision, values and promises: The candidate strongly exemplifies NAIT’s vision, values and promises in areas that extend beyond their own area of expertise. The candidate supports change and builds a more inclusive, equitable and diverse community.
  2. Learning growth – supports the uniqueness of polytechnic education and lifelong learning: The candidate demonstrates an exceptional impact on the NAIT community, is a champion of student success and supports NAIT and lifelong learning.
  3. Community growth – an inspiring leader and/or corporate citizen: The candidate exemplifies exceptional corporate citizenship through philanthropy, volunteering, public service and/or industriousness. The candidate is a role model for current and future graduates, and champions others in their own journeys.

A selection committee made up of NAIT staff will review nominations and make recommendations, which are then reviewed by NAIT’s Academic Council and Executive Management Committee. The Board of Governors selects the final award recipients.

Submit a Nomination

We invite all members of the NAIT community to submit a nomination for consideration. Nominations are now open for the 2024 recipients.

Submit a nomination

2023 Honorary Degree Recipients

Jun. 12, 2023

Jason Gregor

Sports radio host and 2023 honorary degree recipient Jason Gregor uses his platform to give back.

Jun. 12, 2023

Hubert Lau

2023 Honorary Degree recipient Hubert Lau advocates for entrepreneurs despite the trials of entrepreneurship.

Jun. 12, 2023

Sharla King

2023 NAIT Honorary Degree recipient Dr. Sharla King helped NAIT improve Alberta health care.

Previous Years Recipients

  • 2022 - Angela Armstrong, Kelsey Mitchell, Angelina Tetteh-Wayoe and Mauro Chie
  • 2021 - Shane Chartrand, Linda Hughes, Daryl McIntyre, Dr. Raymond Rajotte 
  • 2019 - Paul Verhesen, William Andrew Jean Morin, Diane Brickner, George Schluessel
  • 2018 - Teresa Spinelli, Bart Yachimec, Jeorg Goetsch and Mike Begin
  • 2017 - Ashif Mawji, Javaid (Jerry) Naqvi
  • 2016 - Ken Lueers, Jim Rakievich, Stewart Roth
  • 2015 - Naseem Bashir, Doug Golosky, Douglas O. Goss, Q.C., AOE
  • 2014 - Bob Gomes, Edward Stelmach, C.J. Woods, FCA
  • 2013 - Chief James Ahnassay, Ray Pisani, Daniel Wai Yuk Yeung
  • 2012 - Don Breen, Andrew Clark, Darren Entwistle
  • 2011 - Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, Clifford Giese, Yasmin Jivraj
  • 2010 - Arlene Dickinson, Kevin Martin
  • 2009 - Laurence M. Pollock, Don Oborowsky
  • 2008 - Ruth Kelly, Don Metz
  • 2007 - JR Shaw, Kevin Nabholz
  • 2006 - JudyLynn Archer, John Stanton
  • 2005 - Audrey Poitras, Lynda Steele, Reg Isley
  • 2004 - Neil R. Wilkinson, C.J. (Cliff) Williams
  • 2003 - Simon Smotkowicz, Thelma Chalifoux
  • 2002 - Hon. Ernest C. Manning
  • 2001 - Cam Tait, Harry Buddle
  • 2000 - Eric Newell, Jim Edwards, Gil Cardinal
  • 1999 - Madeleine Mercier, Henry Gusse
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