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Message from the President

Laura Jo Gunter

NAIT’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy represents a powerful way forward for our polytechnic and I am proud to champion this direction. NAIT values equity, diversity and inclusion and this strategy demonstrates our commitment to creating environments on our campuses that reflect these values every day. Although we are in the formative stage of our journey, and we have a long road ahead of us, we are committed to listening, learning and evolving. 

We take pride in NAIT’s culture — it draws students, staff, and industry and community partners to our polytechnic. We have a duty to evolve and strengthen this culture to ensure all people feel safe, respected and valued.

Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion ensures we have the best possible place to work and learn, where everyone can participate and feel they belong.

Bringing diverse perspectives and ideas to the table across NAIT will deepen our culture of innovation and transformation which is critical for our future success. 

NAIT is an economic driver in Alberta, serving industry and providing the skilled graduates needed for a prosperous future. However, our impact can be much greater. We also have the ability—and the responsibility— to be a leader in social change. Industry needs a workforce that understands and appreciates equity, diversity and inclusion and they expect this from our graduates.

We believe cultivating these values in our community is key to Alberta’s prosperity and this strategy will be the roadmap that guides the way for NAIT. 

Everyone in our community plays an essential role in making NAIT more equitable, diverse and inclusive. It will require continuous effort by all in order to see meaningful change at NAIT and beyond. I invite everyone to reflect on their role in advancing this strategy and to participate as the strategy is implemented. As a community, we can learn from one another as we rise together. 


Laura Jo Gunter 
NAIT President and CEO


Read the full statements from our staff and student associations, including the NAIT Academic Staff Association, Alberta Union of Provincial Employees Local 38 and the NAIT Students’ Association.

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