Celebrate good times…come on!

Find out who was recognized for long service milestones at this year’s Long Service and Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony.

Celebrate good times…come on

Published on February 27, 2019

On Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019, 201 long-serving or recently retired NAIT staff were celebrated at the 36th Annual Long Service and Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony. 

“Each year, for the past 36 years, NAIT hosts this special night to celebrate our most valuable resources – our people,” said Clayton Davis, executive director of Human Resources as he opened the event in his master of ceremonies role. 

“Tonight, we have the privilege of thanking those who have given their time, energy and talent to ensure the success of this amazing institution,” said president and CEO Dr. Glenn Feltham in his opening remarks.

“Please know that you have made a meaningful and lasting difference,” he added. “Thank you so very much for choosing NAIT. This would not be the institution it is without you.”

This year, the following milestones were recognized:

  • 43 employees with 15 years
  • 51 employees with 20 years
  • 10 employees with 25 years
  • 15 employees with 30 years
  • 7 employees with 35 years

In total, these employees have dedicated more than 2,600 years of service to NAIT. We also honoured 75 recent retirees at the event.

Employee reflections

Wendy Marusin, manager of Learning Services, reflected on what keeps her working at NAIT as she spoke on behalf of the 15-year recipients.

“It’s about working for an organization that operates with a value-based culture,” she said. “It’s about colleagues who share that they feel valued, respected and supported by their colleagues and leadership.”

She added, “And, it’s about the students.”

Reg Westly, Photographic Technology chair and 30-year recipient also reflected on his career, “One of my areas of pride is the fact that I’ve been involved in teaching and leadership positions in 14 different programs at NAIT.”

Retiree Ellen Wilson, former Finance department head, also reflected on her time at NAIT. 

“My first experience at NAIT dates back to [when I was] a student in 1977 – so I was only 10 – and ending in retirement in 2018,” said Ellen. “The span of over 40 years allowed me to see many changes in the organization, both as a student and as an employee.”

Ellen reflected on the opportunities she had to work and learn during her career thanks to the tuition support provided to NAIT employees. These programs allowed her to continue to grow and develop in her career – an experience, she said, that isn’t unique to her journey, but likely shared by many colleagues.

Celebrating employee achievements

Also recognized at the event were recipients of Faculty Emeritus, Instructional Excellence Awards, SHINE Awards and the Ernest Manning Leadership Medallion. 

Employee recognition at NAIT

The annual Long Service and Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony is just one of many opportunities to recognize and appreciate staff across NAIT.

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