Competitive Entrance

Some NAIT programs follow a system of competitive entrance. If your preferred program is a competitive program, it will list competitive entrance requirements on the program's page in the admission requirements section.

Competitive requirements

Competitive entrance requirements vary by program. These requirements not only contribute to your potential success in the program but also provide key foundational knowledge for the content of your program. If you meet the minimum entrance requirements for the program but lack a competitive requirement, NAIT recommends that you engage in further study in the specific subject area where you are missing the competitive requirement.

What you need for admission

If you apply to a competitive entrance program, you may:

Scenario Admission decision

Meet all the minimum entrance requirements;
 and all the competitive entrance requirements

Also known as a competitive applicant. Once your application has been evaluated:

  • If there are still seats available in the program, you will receive an offer of admission.
  • If there are no seats available in the program, you will be added to a waitlist.
Meet all the minimum entrance requirements,
but do not meet all the competitive requirements

You will be added to a non-competitive waitlist after your application has been reviewed.

Competitive applicants will be admitted first. Then approximately 6-months before the program’s start date, if there are still seats available, applicants on the non-competitive waitlist may receive an offer of admission.

If you are granted admission from the non-competitive waitlist for a competitive entrance program, please note that your first year of studies may require additional effort and diligent work on your part to establish a solid foundation of understanding for the coursework.

Conditional admission and competitive programs

If you are offered conditional admission to a competitive program, you must complete all your outstanding requirements or conditions before receiving full admission to the program.

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