Advanced Credit Quiz

Do you have previous work or life experience that may qualify you for advanced credit?

Take this quiz to find out! Applying for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a rigorous process that requires you to reflect on your skills and knowledge, to research, document and provide detailed evidence, and to demonstrate your capabilities.

Credit for prior learning is awarded for what you know and can do in relation to the course learning outcomes. Please note that you must have been accepted to a NAIT program before submitting a PLAR request.

Consider your PLAR prospects by checking any or all of the following that apply to you.

My program has PLAR-ready courses that meet my previous level of experience.

I have at least 5 years of related work experience.

I have any related experience gained through volunteer/leisure activities

Have I taken any related courses or workshops at work or on my own?

Do I have other life experiences that relate to my field of work/ NAIT program?

Am I a member of any related professional associations?

Do I take advantage of opportunities to grow in my profession?

Have I read over the course descriptions/outcomes for the course(s) I would like PLAR credit for?

After reading the course descriptions/outcomes, do I think: "I’ve done this type of work before" or "I feel comfortable that I already know how to do these things well?"

Have I been accepted to a NAIT program?

Have I talked with a program staff member or Academic Advisor about any of the above?

Scoring your quiz

If you selected 5 or more:

You may be ready to take your next step in starting the PLAR process. If you have already been accepted to your program, contact the Recognition of Prior Learning Coordinator or your program leader.

If you selected less than 5:

The PLAR process might not be ideal for you right now. You may want to consider enrolling in all the courses as indicated by your program for the term you are in.

How to apply for transfer credits  Learn more about assessments

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