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Continuing Education

BAKG330 - Pastry Boot Camp

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Course Overview

Attention all foodies! Kick your pastry skills up a notch with basic pastry training. Fun, yet intensive, this course will help you capture the fundamental techniques that pastry chefs use, while gaining intelligence for creating pastry, baking, and dessert masterpieces.

Do you have an eye for creativity or enjoy the sweeter things in life? Get your hands dirty with flour, chocolate, and sugar while NAIT Pastry Chefs whip, beat and stir you into shape. This action packed five-day patisserie experience will capture the fundamental techniques of all things pastry, including the secrets of artisan bread making, how to work with chocolate, the trick to creating a perfect dessert sauce, and so much more. Get that pastry chef experience and the results will be sweet.

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Fundamental topics covered include:

  • Breakfast pastries (Danishes, croissants, muffins, brioche, biscuits)
  • Classic European tarts and entremets
  • Glace, sorbet, granite, parfait
  • Crepes
  • Custard, creams, mousse
  • Sauce anglaise, caramel, fruit coulis
  • Baked soufflé / sabayon
  • Plate decoration (templates, tuile, brandy snap, chocolate)
  • Petit four and friandaise
  • Artisan breads

    When you enlist in NAIT’s Pastry Boot Camp you will receive:
  • A comprehensive recipe guide
  • A pastry chef uniform including jacket, pants, necktie, hat and apron
  • Meals and beverages everyday
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    Prerequisite: You must be at least 18 years of age, as alcohol may be involved.

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