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Continuing Education

BEKP110 - Level 1 Beekeeping

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Course Overview

NAIT is pleased to partner with ABC Bees from Calgary. Eliese Watson of ABC Bees will come to Edmonton Main Campus and offer a Level One Beekeeping Certificate course. This course is ideal for hobby beekeepers whether they live in urban or rural settings. The 16 hour long intensive content will offer everything you need to know to begin beekeeping and support active beekeepers. The course instructor, Eliese Watson, is founder of ABC Bees and an advocate for urban beekeeping across Canada. Eliese has a wide knowledge of natural beekeeping practices with both Top Bar Hive and Langstroth equipment, and travels around North America teaching and mentoring beekeepers.

Course Units include: Honey Bee Biology; Getting Started: The Basics; Nectar and Pollen Plants; To Feed or Not to Feed?; Seasonal Management: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter; Honey Bee Health; and Integrated Pest Management.

Successful students of this Certificate program will learn and understand the management practices required for sustainable and self-sufficient honey bee colonies throughout the seasons. Clear strategies will be outlined to ensure the beekeeper is able to problem solve and proactively find resolutions to common beekeeping concerns.

This Certificate course meets the City of Edmonton Urban Beekeeping Guidelines as an accepted course requirement for a beekeeping license application.

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