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CCTA388 - Bentley InRoads Level I

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Course Overview

Bentley InRoads Levels I and II introduce you to Bentley InRoads software for road design projects. Target audiences include the civil engineering technician, site developer and/or surveyor. This hands-on training takes you through the project design cycle, including setting up a project, existing ground data and horizontal geometry. After you complete Level I, you’ll be able to:

  • navigate and use the InRoads interface
  • use Project Defaults to create CAD files for use with InRoads graphics
  • display surface contours, features and triangles
  • create horizontal geometry alignments from graphics
  • create and edit horizontal alignments through curve definitions
  • create profiles and cross sections
    Recommended: MicroStation V8i 2D Levels I, II and III or working knowledge of any MicroStation versions. Good written and spoken English.

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