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CCTA389 - Bentley InRoads Level II

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Course Overview

A continuation of CCTA388 Bentley InRoads Level I, this course builds on the basics of the InRoads software, guiding you through vertical geometry, profiles, cross-sections, volume design and reporting. After completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  • create and edit Vertical PIs and define alignments
  • use Project Defaults to create CAD files to be used for InRoads graphics
  • create a corridor with the Roadway Designer
  • create a surface from a corridor
  • create and update cross-sections
  • create profiles and cross-sections
  • annotate cross-sections
  • generate end-area volumes and volumes reports
  • generate an XML report and fixed format reports
    Recommended: CCTA388 Bentley InRoads Level I. Good written and spoken English.

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