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CCTD827 - Digital Illustration and Comic Art Certificate

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Course Overview

Welcome to the world of digital illustration. Explore techniques behind creating original digital art for comic books and graphic novels, film and video games, children’s literature, magazines, and advertising. Learn to tell a story or communicate a message with a single image. Using industry standard hardware and software, create an original character, corresponding environment, and a fully 2D-rendered illustration.
A Digital Illustration and Comic Art Certificate will be awarded upon completion of CCTD827, which includes the following five courses.
CCTD110 Adobe Photoshop Level I
CCTD115 Adobe Illustrator Level I
CCTD125 Character Design and Digital Inking
CCTD126 Environmental Design
CCTD127 Digital Colouring and Rendering

Recommended: CCTO101 Windows Desktop Operating System, equivalent courses, or practical experience.

This certificate is a total of 70 hours.

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