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CCTG130 - ArcGIS Level I

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Prepare yourself for a basic introduction to the ArcGIS platform. This two day course will introduce you to all three components of ArcGIS: First and foremost to ArcMap, and to a lesser degree to ArcToolbox and ArcCatalog. We will solve a real-world GIS problem centered around a fictional issue that the City of Edmonton could very well face. Along the way, we will touch the main functionalities of ArcGIS: From data loading and symbolizing, to simple and sophisticated GIS analysis, all the way to feature presentation and map making. In the end, we will explore how to present time in ArcMap, and how to construct a map book. We complete the course with a short exercise in geo-coding.

Recommended: CCTG101 GIS Concepts and Application Types, equivalent courses or practical experience.

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