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CCTG230 - ArcGIS Level II

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Course Overview

Continue to expand your GIS skills by applying intermediate ArcGIS features. With the skills gained in this course, you will be able to build and manage an ArcGIS geodatabase.

ArcGIS is a collection of geographic information and is the primary data format used for GIS editing and data management. Graduates of this second level ArcGIS geodatabase course will be able to describe levels of transformation from rotation to scaling to topology, describe scales of variable measurement, describe how to use ArcGIS for asset management, and be able to apply digital image processing. You will also be able to manipulate spatial data by using geo-processing operations, examine the relationship levels between spatial and attribute tables, describe how to use topology to clean up editing errors, and demonstrate how to load web-sourced data formats into ArcGIS.

As a graduate of this course you will also be able to describe how ArcGIS technology can be used for land use classification and land use conflict resolution, describe how to load non-native data formats into ArcGIS, and be able to describe labeling.

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