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CCTG230 - ArcGIS Level II

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Hone your ArcGIS skills by building on the principles learned in Level I. This course starts with an in-depth discussion and a detailed exercise of building an ArcGIS Geo-Database, covers how to use ArcGIS for asset management, shows how to load non-native data formats into ArcGIS – particularly web sources, and includes an extensive feature labeling session. The course continues with geo-processing of spatial and attribute data, and clarifies the significance of different relationship levels between spatial and attribute tables. It includes a lengthy editing session that is followed by a session on how to use topology to clean up editing errors. The last part of the class is dedicated to raster GIS: Two exercises illustrate how this part of the ArcGIS technology can be used for land use classification and land use conflict resolution. Recommended: CCTG130 ArcGIS Level I.

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