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CCTM213 - PC Troubleshooting

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Course Overview

This course is intended for students preparing for technical roles. You will develop hands-on knowledge of troubleshooting tools to identify and isolate problems to facilitate repair of computer hardware and operating systems. You will learn to troubleshoot Windows 7 and 8.1 desktop computers and take appropriate steps to resolve problems. Learn about basic boot sequences and methods, including the steps to create an emergency repair disk. Build your knowledge of system management tools to monitor and manage operating system functions.

Topics include:

  • common symptoms and problems associated with a PC
  • preventive maintenance measures, products and procedures
  • diagnostic programs to repair an IBM-based PC with reasonable accuracy
  • communicating effectively with customers to understand PC problems
  • troubleshooting worksheets to document issues
  • common diagnostic utilities and tools for troubleshooting and resolving problems
  • Windows utilities to optimize the Windows desktop environment
  • common error codes and start-up messages from the boot sequence and identifying steps to correct problems
  • device management and troubleshooting techniques

    Recommended: Successful completion of CCTM11 Hardware Concepts, Installation and Configuration and CCTM119 Windows OS Concepts, Installation and Configuration, equivalent courses or practical experience.

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