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CCTM403 - QoS Techniques and Firewall

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Course Overview

This course provides the essential background, definitions, and concepts for you to start learning IP Quality of Service (QoS) and to install a Cisco Firewall over your network. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to identify QoS implementation methods and models used with Cisco equipment.

Computer networks contain a variety of traffic, all sharing and competing for bandwidth. QoS overcomes the challenges of bandwidth competition by prioritising traffic. Graduates of this course will be able to optimize and apply QoS techniques and firewall rules for converged networks. You will also be able to define queuing fundamentals and configurations, describe queuing techniques and congestion avoidance, and define policing and traffic shaping. You will also be able to implement Access Control List (ACL), a function that watches incoming and outgoing traffic and compares it with a set of defined statements.

Prior to enrolling in this course, it is recommended that you successfully complete CCTM103, IP Routing Fundamentals, and CCTM203, LAN Switching Fundamentals, or have equivalent experience.

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