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CCTM520 - Linux/Unix Essentials and Command Line

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Course Overview

This hands-on course will introduce you to the basics of the Linux operating system (OS). We will discuss Linux, UNIX and BSD operating systems, using Linux for our demonstrations. This course focuses on using the command line while providing a quick overview of the desktop to access the many features of the Linux OS. Topics include:

  • OS distributions (Centos, Redhat, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, Android and more)
  • Bash and other shells
  • command Line and its use.
  • logging in and out
  • getting help with Man and Info
  • starting and stopping the system
  • editing files
  • file manipulation and globbing
  • file permissions
  • pipes, redirects and STDIO
  • system variables
  • set command
  • ssh/ telnet

    Recommended: Basic knowledge of computer hardware, software and operating systems.

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