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CCTM540 - Linux/UNIX Shell Scripting and Automation

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Course Overview

All Linux/ Unix system administrators need a basic understanding of shell scripts in order to administer their systems. This course will introduce methods and tools for understanding and automating system tasks. It will cover tools and utilities like cron and at. It will also introduce the tools necessary to manipulate files and tasks using basic shell scripts, and will discuss where tools like Python and Perl fit. This course is oriented around system administration and is recommended for people who need to manage, use, and automate system tasks. Programming experience is not required to take the course. Topics include:

  • sending automated mail messages
  • creating shell scripts
  • terminals and utilities
  • shells and shell scope
  • variables, echo and arguments
  • command substitution
  • exit status
  • control statements like if, while and case
  • loops, read and functions
  • use cron and at to run scripts at specific times
  • discuss script security

    Recommended: Completion of CCTM530 Linux/Unix Installation and Management

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