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CCTM550 - Linux/UNIX Administration

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Course Overview

This course will introduce you to the administration of your systems and servers, including basic networking services. We will discuss system boot up scripts, init, run levels and how to manage them. We will also introduce you to basic server and network services like printing, ssh, telnet and mail. Topics include:

  • IP Addressing and Subnet Masks
  • basic network configuration and troubleshooting
  • sudo, su and security
  • TCP Wrappers
  • Introduction to NFS
  • netstat, ip command and ping
  • DNS/ Bind and Utilities like Dig
  • Linux Virtual Machines
  • Discuss Samba/ SMB Networking
  • system log and logging
  • log rotation

    Recommended: Completion of CCTM540 Linux/Unix Shell Scripting and Automation

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