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CCTM560 - Linux/UNIX Networking

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Course Overview

This course covers builds on the previous level with a complete network implementation using TCP/IP, it will cover routing concepts and implement static routing in class. We will also learn to troubleshoot using tools like tcpdump. Configuring multiple network interfaces with multiple ip addresses all using Linux machines. In-class activities include:

  • configuring a complete network using Linux systems for routing
  • setting up static routes and DHCP
  • testing network connectivity
  • connecting between machines
  • enabling and disabling network services
  • NIC/ Network interface configuration
  • common TCP and UDP ports and services
  • route, ip route, add, show and deleting of routes
  • network troubleshooting
  • tcpdump and wireshark
  • port scans with nmap
  • name resolution and dig, nslookup
  • host vs. network security

    Recommended: Completion of CCTM550 Linux/Unix Administration

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