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CCTO305 - Sage 50 Accounting Level III

Pre-requisites: CCTO100, CCTO110, CCTO200, CCTO210, CCTO301

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Course Overview

The third course of this series is for those who have completed and understand the material covered in Level I and Level II, and who are responsible for Payroll, Payroll remittances and GST reporting. The class provides hand-on skills using the Sage 50 Accounting software.

Topics and procedures covered include:

  • proper setup of the Accounts needed for Payroll
  • examination of the Payroll Settings
  • proper setup of Employees in the Payroll Ledger
  • processing Payroll using the Payroll Journals (paying Employees, including Advances; paying out Vacation Pay; and working with Benefits)
  • proper methods for reversing and adjusting Payroll entries
  • discussion of various Government forms and regulations
  • processing a Wage Remittance for Revenue Canada
  • GST – reporting and processing a Remittance
  • handling Employee expenses

    Students are required to supply their own calculator.

    Version used: Sage 50-Canadian Edition, 2019 Premium

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