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CCTO311 - Sage 50 Accounting - Advanced

Pre-Requisites: CCTO100, CCTO110, CCTO200, CCTO210, CCTO301, CCTO302, CCTO305

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Course Overview

The fourth course in the series of the Sage 50 Accounting Software Certificate program is for those who wish to challenge their knowledge and skills in the Sage 50 Accounting software. It is intended for those who have completed and understand the material covered in the first three Sage 50 Accounting courses, and are ready to explore and practice additional concepts and procedures. Students will also be required to complete a final project (case study) which will assess participant’s ability to properly perform bookkeeping tasks in this software.

Topics covered include:

  • additional services available from Sage
  • customization of Forms using the Simply Form Designer
  • examine advanced tools used to maintain a Sage 50 data file
  • setting up and working with Account Departments
  • setting up and working with Account Budgets
  • setting up and working with Foreign Currency
  • using Microsoft Excel for importing/exporting Sage 50 records
  • Year-End procedures (i.e. handling Bad Debts, Amortization, Prepaid adjustments, Reclassifications, and the setup of the My Reports feature)
  • analyze the processes for advancing the year in this software.

    Version used: Sage 50-Canadian Edition, 2019 Premium

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