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DHSE134 - Clinical Refresher 7hrs.

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Course Overview

Refresh or establish your competence in licensed intraoral skills by developing your capabilities in infection prevention control, dental probing, orthodontic skills and more. If you are progressing to clinical studies or looking to reinstate your certification, as requested by the College of Alberta Dental Assistants (CADA), then this course is right for you.

With the skills you gain in this course, you will be able to put essential intraoral skills into practice, such as the application of polish, fluoride, pit and fissure sealants, desensitizing agents, matrices and wedges, bases and liners.

The following mandatory documents must be submitted to to be considered for registration:

  • NAIT Continuing Education Registration Form
  • NAIT Intraoral Refresher Session Questionnaire
  • CADA reinstatement letter

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