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Continuing Education

MSIC102 - Surface Table Measuring

Must have completed MSIC101 to enroll in this course.
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Course Overview

Be certain when you measure! Students will learn why a surface table is an essential item for accurate measuring. In a standards room, most measuring techniques need a flat surface to support the work and the measuring equipment. Students will learn how to use the surface table and other equipment – such as angle plates, clamps, parallels, and vee-blocks – which are required to set up components correctly before measuring can take place.

Students will get practical experience in the correct use of inspection tools to determine if components conform to drawing specifications. Additional study topics include:

  • choice of equipment
  • use of height and dial gauges
  • testing of straightedges and squares
  • use of gauge blocks
  • use of height micrometer.

    Prerequisite: MSIC101

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