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Continuing Education

MSIC105 - Limits and Fits

Must have completed MSIC104 to enroll in this course.
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Course Overview

Machined parts must fit well. Learn the important theories and principles related to fitting machined parts, setting and gauging limits during production, and
determining the degree of interchangeability needed between parts or components. Students will learn that the size of any given part is machined between two limits; the degree of tightness or looseness between two mating parts that are intended to act together is known as the fit of the parts.

Students will learn that in large scale production there is often a system of limit gauging used that conforms to Taylor’s Principle, which involves checking the mating parts to ensure they fit within the set limits. Students will discuss and review the system of limits and fits, the types and classes of fits, as well as selection, tolerance and allowance for mating parts. Additional topics include:

  • basic hole and shaft system
  • interchangeability
  • selective assembly
  • measuring and classifying plug gauges
  • setting snap gauges

    Prerequisite: MSIC104

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