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Continuing Education

MSIC107 - Geometric Dimensioning

Must have completed MSIC106 to enroll in this course

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Course Overview

Develop your knowledge of measurement with light waves and other tools and techniques. Students will learn the basic uses of autocollimators, interferometry and optical flats in a machine shop setting. For example, students will learn how to use autocollimators and precision spirit levels to detect deviations in the straightness and flatness of straight edges and surface plates. Students will also discover how monochromatic light is used in conjunction with optical flats to determine errors in the flatness of lapped surfaces, such as mechanical seals.

Prerequisite: MSIC106

Upcoming Offerings

This course is not currently scheduled. Please contact us at 780.378.6990 or at continuingeducation@nait.ca for more information about future offerings of this course.