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Continuing Education

MSIC108 - Introduction to Coordinate Measuring Machine

Must have completed MSIC107 to enroll in this course.

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Course Overview

Learn the basic operations of a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Students will learn how a CMM can be used to dramatically reduce inspection time for certain kinds of work pieces. Students will also learn how a CMM can measure almost any shape very accurately, without the use of special gauges, thus eliminating the problem of operator error.

Students will use the CMM to locate point coordinates on three dimensional structures all at the same time. They will also use computers to process the data and make the most effective use of the measurements. Examples of additional study topics include:

  • the roles and limitations of CMMs
  • types of probes
  • settings made before measurement
  • establishing the part coordinate system
  • measuring procedures

    Prerequisite: MSIC107

Upcoming Offerings

This course is not currently scheduled. Please contact us at 780.378.6990 or at continuingeducation@nait.ca for more information about future offerings of this course.