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PLCC101 - Introduction to PLCs

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Enhance your professional toolkit by exploring the industry applications of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Programmable controllers are industrial digital computers designed to function in harsh environments and control essential manufacturing processes where reliable control, ease of programming, and process fault diagnoses are crucial to the job. Discover computer digital logic, Boolean Algebra, digital number systems, controller hardware, controller addressing, ladder diagrams, Input and Output (I/O) modules, and programming terminals. Get hands-on experience by implementing and troubleshooting basic relay instructions. In this module, the focus is on Allen Bradley PLCs and programming software.

With the skills gained in this course, you will explain the operations of controller hardware, define digital and analog I/O modules, download from a PLC and upload to a PLC, and wire relay ladder logic from digital logic statements.

Program Prerequisites: Post-Secondary diploma in an equivalent or related field, a working knowledge of AC/DC electric circuits, a basic knowledge of automated processes, and familiarity with personal computers.

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