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PLCC102 - Ladder Diagrams 1

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Enhance your knowledge of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) by exploring ladder logic programming techniques. Delve into the most popular programmable controller language: Ladder Diagram (LD). Discover discrete instructions and discrete operations in Ladder Diagram programming such as the conversion of Boolean expressions, permissive conditions, interlock conditions, and lockout conditions. Implement timer and counter functions such as timer On/Off delay, reset and retentive Timer On, and Count Up and Count Down.

With the skills gained in this course, you will be able to define problem statements and design Ladder programs that are consistent with those statements. You will run and troubleshoot the Ladder programs on a PLC, define Examine On and Examine Off instructions, identify the purpose of a latching relay instruction, design a program using permissive instructions, interlocks and lockout conditions, and implement cascading counters and timers.

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