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PLMR144 - Combustion Analysis

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This course will provide a gasfitter with the proper information to correctly install gas fired heating appliances and troubleshoot combustion problems. The primary focus of this course is the proper use and storage of your own combustion analyzer and the detailed steps for installation and maintenance of gas fired equipment.PLMR144 Combustion Analysis provides each student with a TPI 717 Kit combustion analyzer with a first year recalibration certificate as part of the course fee. The student will then use their personal combustion analyzer to learn how to correctly perform a combustion analysis on an appliance and determine what adjustments need to be made. Once those adjustments have been made they will then be able to confirm the efficient operation of the appliance.

Students must be Journeyperson Gasfitter A, Sheetmetal/Gasfitter B or Plumber/Gasfitter B or equivalent.

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