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PMGT105 - Project Schedule Management

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Bringing projects in on schedule while adhering to cost and quality requirements among the greatest challenges for project managers. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to create a project network diagram and Gantt chart including calculations to indicate the critical path.

Every deliverable in a project is time-sensitive and managing time effectively is essential to the success of any project. As a graduate of this course you will describe concepts and processes essential for timely completion of projects. You will be able to use tools such as sequencing, activity duration estimating, and identification of milestones to develop a project schedule. You will also be able to calculate the project critical path and create network diagrams and Gantt charts to represent and track activities and their dependencies as tools to ensure timely project completion.

When you successfully complete the learning outcome assessment within this course, you will earn a NAIT micro-credential and receive a digital badge to share on social media and with your network.

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