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Continuing Education

PSTP115 - Outboard Engine Maintenance

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Course Overview

If you are a proud new watercraft owner and/or want to take care of your own water vessel maintenance, this course is for you. Extend the life of your boat and increase your personal safety by exploring basic outboard engine maintenance skills. Discover propeller selection, gear case servicing, and engine cooling system maintenance. Delve into diagnostic and troubleshooting processes.

With the skills gained in this course, you will be able to adjust, maintain, and tune-up outboard engines.

Upcoming Offerings

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Section Start/End Schedule
E01 Mar. 28 - Mar. 29, 2020 Sat, Sun
Hours Delivery Fees
15 hours Day, Weekend $325
Meeting Times:
  • Mar. 28 & 29 - Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 AM - 3:50 PM

GST Applicable. Personal protective equipment required: Safety shoes and safety glasses.

*Day delivery ranges between 8 AM - 5 PM.
**Evening delivery ranges between 5 PM - 10 PM.