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TDRW110 - Technical Drawing Interpretation - Commercial Structural and Architectural

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Course Overview

Having a basic understanding of many drawing conventions you are now able to explore the concepts of interpreting drawings used in the design and construction of commercial buildings and structures. The ability to interpret these more complicated drawings is essential to assure the proper coordination of large (greater than 600 square meters) buildings in various configurations and multiple, sometimes mixed, uses. Going beyond the simple skill of reading drawings we will explore the relationship of various disciplines into one common goal – to achieve a new one-of-a-kind building. With these interdisciplinary roles requires clear communications of building components and their configurations to enable not only the construction but also to generate reasonable tenders to ensure a timely construction cost while meeting the parameters set by the client (Owner). Many more methods of communicating information will be covered in this course such as material schedules, keynotes, specifications and drawings prepared by fabricators (shop drawings).

With the skills gained in this course, you will be able to interpret a variety of commercial drawings and their respective industry uses.

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