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Continuing Education

Water and Wastewater Technician Programming (Distance)


The location where your NAIT courses will be held.


The type of certification (degree, diploma, certificate) you will earn after completing your program.

  • Degree - NAIT offers a number of business degrees and applied science and technology degrees accredited by Alberta Advanced Education.
    Applied degree programs offer a stronger emphasis on practical applications of the concepts learned in the classroom
  • Diplomas & Certificates - These credit programs take 1 or 2 years and lead to government approved and industry-recognized credentials.
  • Journeyman Certificate - Hands-on and expert-led apprenticeship and industry training for skilled trades and technology professionals.
  • Continuing Education/Non-Credit - NAIT offers a wide range of non-credit programs and courses for personal and professional development in a number of interesting and exciting fields. These options are great for people who may be working but are interested in studying as well.

Delivery Options

The flexible schedule options for this course including time of day and full/part-time.

  • Day - Courses taking place between Monday - Friday, before 5 PM.
  • Evening/Weekend - Courses taking place on weekdays from 5 PM or later, or Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Online - Sometimes called "Home Study" or "Computer-Based Learning"
  • Blended - A combination of online and in-class components.
  • Distance - Traditional correspondence format. These courses work best if you can't get to a campus or if your schedule can't accommodate fixed class times


The NAIT Water and Wastewater Technician distance learning courses are well recognized by employers in the industry and by Alberta Environment and Parks. If you are looking for entry-level employment or career advancement in the fields of water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection or wastewater treatment, our courses will provide a high-level of training. If you are already working in the field and require recertification or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain certification, our courses are also available to be taken individually.

The Water and Wastewater Technician Distance Learning courses are designed to provide students a solid foundation in all aspects of the Water and Wastewater industry, as well as provide current operators with opportunities to obtain ongoing specialized training and education in their field.

Three separate Certificates are offered, each focusing on highly demanded specialty areas within the water industry. These Certificates are designed to provide a solid foundation and understanding of the water industry while focusing on developing specific knowledge in each designation. 

Water Treatment Specialization Certificate

Wastewater Treatment Specialization Certificate

Water Distribution & Collection Specialization Certificate

Each Certificate includes online theory courses, as well as opportunities for hands on practical labs offered on campus at NAIT.


The NAIT Specialization Certificates in Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, and Water Distribution and Collection are widely recognized by employers. Distance Learning Water and Wastewater courses have been certified by Alberta Environment and Parks for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Entry Level Training (Level I Certification). Further information can be found on the Alberta Environment and Park’s website.

To obtain a Specialization Certificate, students must complete:

  • all core courses
  • two elective courses

Students who successfully complete all required courses within the certificate of their choice will receive a Certificate of Achievement from NAIT. Students must apply for the certificate by completing a Request for Certification form and returning the completed form to ced_ast@nait.ca.

Delivery Options

The Water and Wastewater distance learning theory courses are delivered through a self-paced online format, allowing six months to complete the course materials. Lab courses are hands-on, practical courses offered annually in the spring term on campus at NAIT .

Please note: effective July 1, 2018, students will have four months from the start date to complete the course materials.

It is recommended that students register for courses at least two weeks prior to the start date to ensure timely delivery of course materials; however, registrations are accepted until five days prior to the start of class.

Career Opportunities

Water and Wastewater Technicians are valuable employees in a variety of organizations.  Typical employers include:

  • public utilities providers (i.e. municipalities)
  • contractors involved in the installation and operation of water and wastewater systems
  • private sector companies supplying and/or servicing water and wastewater materials and equipment
  • engineering and consulting firms

As population and industry expand, so does the need for clean and safe water. The demand for certified Water and Wastewater Technicians has never been greater and is seeing steady growth for the foreseeable future.

Water Treatment Specialization Certificate

The Water Treatment Specialization Certificate is designed to provide a solid foundation and understanding of the water industry, while focusing on developing specialized knowledge of Water Treatment operations.

Wastewater Treatment Specialization Certificate

The Wastewater Treatment Specialization Certificate is designed to provide a solid foundation and understanding of the water industry, while focusing on developing specialized knowledge of Wastewater Treatment operations.

Water Distribution and Collection Specialization Certificate

The Water Distribution and Collection Specialization Certificate is designed to provide a solid foundation and understanding of the water industry, while focusing on developing specialized knowledge of Water Distribution and Collection operations.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Water is a precious natural resource, and qualified water and wastewater operators are essential in ensuring the reliability of collection, treatment and distribution systems in Alberta. Progressive combinations of education and work experience lead to higher levels of certification. Students may earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) towards certification by Alberta Environment and Parks at NAIT.

Our courses are flexible and designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking entry-level employment, students who are unable to attend classes full-time, those already in the workforce in need of CEUs, and those working in other related fields.

CEUs assessed by Alberta Environment and Parks are assigned to individual course. CEU equivalencies can be found through Alberta Environment and Parks.

Water and Wastewater Operation Preparation - Level I Course

We are pleased to announce that NAIT has partnered with Northern Lake College to provide Continuing Education Water and Wastewater Technology students the opportunity to complete the Water and Wastewater Operation Preparation – Level I (WTR01) course. This course is offered as an elective for all three of NAIT’s Water and Wastewater Specialization Certificates.

The Water and Wastewater Operation Preparation – Level I (WTR01) course delivers entry level training required for Water and Wastewater Operators and together with other NAIT courses prepares individuals for the Level I Provincial certification exam with Alberta Parks & Environment.

For more information on this course, visit Northern Lakes College.

NAIT students will be required to provide proof of completion from Northern Lakes College if they wish to have the course recognized as an elective towards a Specialization Certificate.