Matthew Meropoulis

Firefighter – Edmonton Fire Rescue Services – Hall 13

Matthew Meropoulis

“NAIT’s Medical First Responder certificate allowed me to successfully move from the classroom into a career as a firefighter.”

Matthew was in fifth grade when firefighters visited his classroom. Learning about the skills and the community involvement of firefighters, Matthew’s career path was set.

An accomplished athlete, Matthew Meropoulis embraces a challenge. Following a successful hockey career, having played in the Western Hockey League and for the University of Alberta, Matthew took time to travel with friends.

“Getting into Edmonton Fire Rescue Services is very competitive. I realized I needed more life experience.”

While in Indonesia, Matthew found himself responding to an emergency situation when a hotel employee required CPR.

“The whole experience left me feeling extremely unprepared for a situation like that and provided me with the motivation to enrol in the MFR program at NAIT so the next time I would be prepared."

NAIT’s hands-on education with experienced instructors prepared Matthew for his next big challenge – becoming a firefighter.

“The scenarios in class are based on real life calls that put you in the uncomfortable position where you have to be a leader, step up and take control of the situation before Emergency Medical Services arrives.”

As a certified Medical First Responder, Matthew met the recruitment qualifications for Edmonton Fire Rescue Services. His competitive approach to any challenge propels Matthew as he pursues his career in Edmonton Fire and Rescue Services.

A lifelong athlete, Matt can take the heat. He realized the competition to become a firefighter with the City of Edmonton was tough. He took NAIT’s Medical First Responder program to give him a ladder up on other candidates. A thorough understanding of first response skills learned at NAIT, combined with his helping spirit, helped Matt realize his childhood dream.

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