Marks and results

  • To pass the English Language Proficiency exam, you will need to achieve a grade of B (73%) in each of the 4 skill areas.
  • Results are final and feedback will not be provided
  • Results for partial passes (passes in 1-3 skill areas) are valid for 18 weeks
  • Results are valid for 2 years, provided you pass all sections of the exam and provide proof of on-going English language proficiency
  • Exam results will be posted in your MYNAIT student portal within 15 business days. To locate the results, under “Dashboard” select ‘My Academics’ -> ‘Grades, Transcripts and Assessments’ -> Check ‘Course History’ then look on the left side look for test Results.
  • If you fail 4 attempts, you will not be permitted to register again without demonstration of increased English skills
  • After  ELP marks have been posted and if you have pending applications to NAIT credit programs, you can request to have your application updated by contacting Student Service Centre.
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