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How To Apply

Ready to apply to NAIT? These steps will guide you through the process. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact askNAIT@nait.ca or call 780.471.6248.

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1. Apply online through ApplyAlberta

International students must apply online through ApplyAlberta. The application fee must be paid online by credit card and is non-refundable.

2. Check your email

NAIT will send you an email that will contain your NAIT Student ID Number. This number is yours for the entire time you are at NAIT. You will need it for future applications, ordering transcripts and many other NAIT services. Keep this number safe!

3. Sign up for MyNAIT portal

Once you have applied through ApplyAlberta and received your NAIT Student ID Number,  use your NAIT ID number to sign up for the MyNAIT Portal. On the MyNAIT Portal, you will be able to

  • check the current status of your application
  • receive further information from NAIT

4. Follow next steps

Once you have signed up for the MyNAIT Portal, follow the last set of steps to ensure the best chance of your application being accepted.

Guidelines and tips

These tips will help guide you through the ApplyAlberta application process.

Entering your information

  • Enter your name exactly as it appears on your passport and personal details into the relevant fields in the ‘Create Profile’ section. If you have only one name, enter the same name into the first and last name fields.
  • Ensure your contact information, including your email address, is correct.
  • When entering your country of citizenship, be sure to use your passport-issuing country. If you do not select Canada, you will be asked to provide some additional information to determine your residency status.

Alberta Student Number

  • At the ‘Alberta Student Number’ screen, click ‘Yes’ if you know your Alberta Student Number (this would be generated if you had submitted a previous application to NAIT or you attended any school or post-secondary institute in Alberta or Lloydminster). Otherwise, click ‘No’.
  • If you clicked ‘Yes,’ the system will attempt to locate your existing Alberta Student Number and may request additional information to do so. If you made an error when entering your personal information, click ‘Edit Profile and Restart’; this will return you to an earlier place in the application process. If you click ‘No’, a new Alberta Student Number will be generated for you. Please keep this number for future reference.
  • Click ‘Continue’ when the system locates the Alberta Student Number.

Education information

  • If you enter your high school grades, please note that NAIT will still review your official transcripts to determine your actual grades in the document assessment.
  • When selecting the term and program that you would like to apply for, please select a second choice if applicable. NAIT cannot add a second-choice application after the application is complete. You may apply for other programs for an additional $115 fee per application.