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Newcomer Booster

The Newcomer Booster is a one-week program that prepares international and newcomer students to start their studies at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

Sessions cover topics in academics, settlement and culture to help students prepare for academic success in the NAIT classroom. Through interactive activities, the participants will build a community with their peers, as well as NAIT staff members from the various student service areas. As the final outcome, the participants will also increase confidence and build readiness to start a new academic program in Canada.

Students at the Newcomer Booster Program.


APA Citations: How to create them and where to get help!

Want to learn about citations before starting your paper? The NAIT Library has tips and tools to help you avoid plagiarism by giving credit to your sources. In this workshop, you will discover the differences between APA style references and in-text citations and learn why both are important when completing your NAIT assignments. You will use resources from the NAIT library website to practice creating APA citations for books, journal articles and websites.

Counselling Services with an International Focus

School can be stressful, especially for international students who are far away from home learning how to navigate in a new environment. Because post-secondary education is very demanding, students may develop mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

International students also face specific multicultural issues that arise during their first year in Canada. These can include culture shock, microaggressions, isolation, and loss of support systems. You will learn how to identify these issues and how to get support.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are important to a wide variety of assignments, tasks, and learning outcomes in NAIT classrooms. In these sessions, students will learn strategies for evaluating information, thinking creatively, and making arguments in the post-secondary context.

Students will also have an opportunity to practice their critical thinking and communications skills in collaborative, inquiry-based activities.

Cultural Values and Academic Interactions

As you enter a new academic setting at NAIT you may notice that the academic rules or expectations are different than what you are used to.

This session will help you to understand how cultural values have shaped your expectations of academic relationships, rules and practices and how the Canadian academic system has also been shaped by another distinct set of cultural values. The session will also help students explore ways to communicate and adapt when their own cultural values don’t match up with the Canadian expectation.

Empowering Financial Wellness

Managing your finances in a new country and ensuring you are able to afford your post-secondary education can be stressful. In this session, you will learn about the importance of creating a spending plan and receive information about the Canadian banking system.

We will cover topics from values-based decision making, to the types of spending plans (budgeting) you can utilize. There are advisors available at the Student Award and Financial Aid office located in the Student Service Center to assist you with your spending plan throughout your studies at NAIT.

Using Moodle @ NAIT

Moodle is the learning management platform used by millions of faculty and students around the world, including those at NAIT, to support learning success. Each course offered at NAIT should have a Moodle site that contains learning resources, activities, and/or assessments.

Upon successful completion of this session, you will be able to access and navigate Moodle, customize your profile, access course content, participate in online discussions, submit assignments to the facilitator, attempt quizzes, and complete surveys. You will also be introduced to Moodle communication tools and some NAIT resources that will enable the knowledge and skills to enter your credit courses with confidence.

Interpersonal Skills for the Classroom

While attending lectures and getting good grades is an important part of student life, these are not the only factors in student success. Interpersonal skills are also an integral part of doing well in group projects, expanding your social circle and, perhaps even more importantly, for building a successful career after graduation.

In this session, we will cover three main concepts underlying effective communication when working in groups, networking and interacting with instructors. Academic advisors will be able to provide realistic examples and engage you in practice activities to increase your awareness of the interpersonal skills to be used within and outside the classroom.

Learn How to Use Texthelp Read and Write

As a NAIT student, you have access to a variety of software that can help you throughout your studies. This session will teach you how to access various software applications from your NAIT student portal and how to use the software Texthelp Read and Write.

Texthelp Read and Write is a toolbar that can read websites and Word and PDF documents out loud to you. This software also comes with many additional features including a dictionary, translator, word predictor, verb checker, and more. You will have the opportunity to use the software in this session.

Learning Strategies to Boost your Semester

Your academic success in post-secondary will depend on maximizing your learning strengths and developing strategies to add to your learning tool kit. During these sessions, you will learn skills to stay on track in the areas of time management, scheduling, and organization. You will also learn about the where, when, and how of studying to boost your concentration and optimize memory and retention. Learning strategists are available to you throughout your time at NAIT by drop-in, one-on-one appointment, and workshops to help you succeed.

Move Well, Be Well: Being Active on Campus

Moving and being well is important for every student’s overall experience at NAIT as well as their mental health and wellbeing. In this session, students will learn about the different forms of recreation that NAIT has to offer. From games, to more formal activities, events and why you should stay active. Join us for a little movement and a lot of fun while we explore recreation on Campus.

NAIT Rules!

Do you know what rights you have as a NAIT student? What about your responsibilities? Have you heard of NAIT’s Academic Standing rules? There are a few things you need to know to make sure you have a positive student experience. This session will give you a breakdown of your rights and responsibilities as a student, and where to find support for the best NAIT experience.

Navigating Culture

Entering a new culture can be exciting and challenging. These sessions, presented at the beginning and end of the Newcomer Booster week, are designed to give you tools to recognize and understand cultural differences as you adjust to life in Canada. Activities and discussion in this session will explore cultural values, how they translate into action and how we can be more effective in navigating culture.

Post-secondary Writing Techniques

Academic writing in an English-speaking post-secondary institution has a very specific structure. You will learn about the writing process and writing expectations in NAIT classrooms. We will cover many topics from understanding the assignment guidelines to fine-tuning your assignment with editing and proofreading tips. Professional tutors on campus will be able to assist you with your writing assignments throughout your studies at NAIT.

Public Speaking Strategies

Delivering presentations is a part of your academic life, and it is essential to develop strong public speaking skills. In this session, you will learn strategies for coping with public speaking anxiety, improving non-verbal and verbal delivery and effective ways to structure a presentation. You will also have opportunities to practice public speaking in small groups.

Social Media @ NAIT

NAIT’s Digital Communications Specialist will show you how to use social media, connect with NAIT and your fellow students, amp up your profile, and have it stand out. Come prepared with any questions about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Snapchat!

Transitioning into the Canadian Classroom

The approach to teaching and learning in Canada may be different from what students have experienced before, and they may find it takes a bit of time to get used to this new style of learning. In this session, we will explore some key differences, from classroom participation, to group work, progressive assessments, the classroom environment and classroom etiquette.

Who can register for this program?

This program is designed to provide new NAIT students who come from different cultural and educational backgrounds with tools to enhance their academic experience.

You can register if you meet ALL the following criteria:

  • You are admitted to start a NAIT program in the FallOpen Application list
  • You are an international student or have permanent residency or refugee status
  • You are committed to attending ALL sessions in this program

How much does it cost to register?

It costs $100 CAD per student. The registration fee also includes class materials for each session, a Newcomer Booster binder, a light breakfast on the first day, and lunch on the last day.

Registration for 2019 closed on August 5th.