Recreation and Athletics Fee

Due to COVID-19, NAIT’s on-campus recreation facilities will not be available to students for Fall 2020 and recreation programs will be delivered virtually. Read more about this decision here.

The Recreation and Athetics fee will ensure NAIT is able to continue to provide high-quality and innovative well-being and recreation experiences to all students.

How much will the fee be?​
While recreation facilities remain closed for the fall and recreation programming is delivered virtually, all students will pay 50% of the regular Recreation and Athletics Fee.

The fee will be $35 per term (previously $70) and will be pro-rated for apprenticeship students; $2.35/week (previously $4.70/week). The fee is identified as a separate item on your student financial account.

How do I access recreation programs this fall?
The virtual programs will be available to all students including those studying as full-time, part-time and apprenticeship students. You will be able to find more details on the program and services that will be available to you through the student portal and in the Recreation and Fitness section of this site.

Am I able to apply for an exemption for this fee for the fall?
No, we will not be offering exemptions to paying this fee in the fall. In the past, we offered exemptions for students who weren’t able to access campus. Because the programs will be available virtually for everyone, all students will pay the reduced fee.