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Summer Camps

Fill your summer with fun 

From computer and web design to baking and cooking camps, NAIT is the place for kids this summer. Our vibrant four and five-day camps help improve fitness, explore art, science and technology, develop new skills, stay active and have fun!

Campers as young as five and up to 18 years old will participate in hands-on activities in the areas of athletics, culinary arts, web design, video production, computer game design, leadership, theatre and more.

Easily register for any of our NAIT Summer Camps.

Baking Summer Camp

2020 NAIT Summer Camp registration will open on Sunday, February 23rd at 12:01am. The Summer camp brochure information will be online in the middle of February. Please check online at that time for information.

Recreation Summer Camp

Recreation Camps 

If you love active fun, Recreation Camps are for you! From mini paintball to skateboarding, from bowling to laser tag, we have awesome activities for every age group. 

  • Mini Ooks | 5-6 YRS & 7-8 YRS
  • G-Force (Girls Only) | 10-14 YRS
  • Rad Camp Extreme | 8-12 YRS
  • Art Attack | 8-10 & 9-12 YRS
  • Youth in Design | 10-14 YRS
  • Fun Fitness (Boys Only) | 9-12 YRS
  • Street Performers | 6-8 YRS & 9-12 YRS
  • Multi-Sports | 8-12 YRS
  • Sport Olympics | 8-10 YRS
Culinary Summer Camp

Culinary Camps

NAIT's Culinary Camps teach young chefs some simple, yet creative dishes that can be prepared at home, as well as some challenging dishes prepared hands-on in our industrial kitchen. Get your chef hat on as we journey around the globe making some classics with a twist.

  • Junior Chefs | 7-9 YRS, 10-12 YRS & 13-15 YRS
  • Junior Bakers | 8-9 YRS, 10-11 YRS & 12-15 YRS
Digital Media Summer Camp

Digital Media Camps 

Write and produce your own video, or capture your ideas on your digital camera. Digital Media Camps are all about  bringing your creativity to the forefront.  Learn the basics in  game design  including  how to code, variables, x-y-z coordinates and properties  for #D game design. 

  • Film Makers | 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
  • Digital Photography | 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
  • Web Design | 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
  • Computer Game Design Level One | 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
  • Computer Game Design Level Two | 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
  • Manga/Anime Drawing | 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
  • Stop Motion Animation | 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS
  • Animation | 9-11 YRS & 12-14 YRS

*12-14 year olds who take four of the Digital Media camps would be recognized with a foundational prerequisite that could enhance their eligibility for NAIT’s Digital Media and IT program.

Hockey Summer Camp

Hockey Camps 

A combination of games and other activities with a focus on fundamental movement, and skill development. From power skating to off-ice activities our Ook hockey camps give kids a great learning experience mixed with fun. 

Total Hockey Development for Pre-Novice, Novice, Atom & Peewee | 4-13 YRS

  • Power Skating
  • On-Ice Skills
  • Off-Ice Activities
  • Pre-Novice/Beginner Camps
  • On-Ice Skills