Book Buyback

shop AT NAIT offers a way to purchase used books and offers a Book Buyback program to help you manage the costs of buying textbooks.

Buying Used Books

You may be able to purchase used textbooks at all shop AT NAIT locations, as well as through the online store. Used books at shop AT NAIT will be marked with a yellow "USED" sticker and will be sold at a discounted rate. Not all books will be available used.

Selling Used Books – The Book Buyback Program

The Book Buyback program offers an opportunity to sell your used textbook for up to 50% of the original purchase price. The Book Buyback is operated twice a year, at the end of each semester in December and April. Specific dates and times will be communicated on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

  • Not all textbooks will be bought back. Search the Book Buyback Tool to see if your books are on the list. The buyback list is frequently updated, so we recommend checking the list within two weeks before the buyback dates. 


  • Your book must be the current edition and in good reusable condition.
    • writing, underlining and highlighting are okay 
    • significant damage is not okay 
  • Study guides and workbooks cannot be written in. 
  • Books that originally included computer software will not be bought back.

Donate your used books

If your books are not on the Buyback list, they are still valuable. Consider donating them to the World Books Program.

  • Donation bins are located outside of Main Campus shop AT NAIT.